About Us

Trefaldwyn Veterinary Clinic

Trefaldwyn Vets are a dedicated team who aim to support animals large and small, whether a precious individual or a commercial unit.
Everyone working at the clinic has a passion for what we do. We always aim for the best for your companion or your farm animal.

Why Choose Us?

Compassionate Care

Trefaldwyn Vets take great pride in the care they extend to your animal large and small. We aim to provide a welcoming and highly professional service and would aim to treat your pets as our own. As an independent practice we are fortunate to have a highly experienced team of vets and nurses and value our strong team approach to our work.

Family Atmosphere

Our vets and admin staff love all things to do with animals and fully understand any of your concerns and worries you may have. We are here to lend an ear, spend time with you to help you through any difficult moments. If you are worried or anxious or just need to know how to best care for your animal, large or small, come and talk to us.

Emergency Services

Trefaldwyn vets are a dedicated practice team providing services to our patients and clients in and around Montgomeryshire. As an independent local practice,  we provide a 24/7 telephone and emergency veterinary service.

What our clients say

This morning I stopped in the road as a young buck had been run over, not been killed and left in the road to suffer and die in agony. This vets sent a vet to put the poor little guy out of his misery she was brilliant and I cant thank her enough for ending his suffering and my distress

Amy Wilson

A small local veterinary clinic for small pets like cats, dogs and rabbits as well as larger farm animals and horses. The vets themselves are incredibly competent and the support staff are friendly and helpful.
The clinic is clean and straightforward. There is a small, free car park and a small lawn for walking dogs. Various products for pets and farm animals are sold in the reception.

Eliot Collins

First visit and the best vets I’ve been to, very nice friendly staff who talk you through what’s going to happen and care.
I will definitely use this vets again and don’t mind the travel distance for a good vets, keep up the good work. Thank you.

Joanne I. S

Lovely staff

I Can’t praise enough the care & professional approach TREFADWYN VETERINARY CLINIC gives to dogs & cats as with ours it has been second to none from all stages of booking in, operational work on site, annual boosters and overall attention to our animals. A big shout out in particular to Veterinarian Sue Jones who did operational procedures on my dog towards his end but a year later because of his advanced age of 14+ he succumbed to trachea ongoing problems so yet again a shout to Veterinarian Sam Higgs who voluntarily came to our home on his advice to perform euthanasia our beloved dog Ozzy on his favourite bed. Respect for his compassion, caring & empathy with him can’t think of a more fitting way for his passing thank you Sam

Kevin Gomersall

Fantastic Service

Amazing team of vets – empathy for both animals and owners – back office staff efficient – highly recommend after using them for 10 years.

Peter Williams

Happy customer - happy dog

Loki my cocker spaniel puppy required eye surgery, the vet Geoffrey was so skilful. Even after quite a traumatic time for my dog the end result was a 100% success. Loki happily heads into vets now and his wagging tail shows he likes and forgives Geoffrey. Montgomery vets remain my first choice for all my pet care.

Amanda Jones

Friendly staff

I’ve been a customer for over 20 years, I’d never contemplate going anywhere else!

Tina Lovatt

Great service

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