Kennel Cough

We’ve been seeing a huge rise in cases of kennel cough lately, including some dogs who have become very unwell with it.
Kennel cough can be caused by multiple infectious agents, but the most common are Bordetella bronchiseptica (a bacteria) and Parainfluenza virus. They cause inflammation in the airways, leading to a hacking cough. Other symptoms range from retching and nasal discharge to lethargy and reduced appetite. Old or young dogs, those with reduced immune systems or existing conditions and brachycephalics such as pugs and bulldogs are more likely to be severely affected than the general population.
It is a myth that kennel cough can only be spread at a kennels. Like the common cold, it can spread through the air, direct contact or indirect contact (anything that has come into contact with the infected dog). So if your dog meets other dogs regularly or even goes to places frequented by others they are at risk.
Thankfully there are vaccines available against kennel cough that reduce the severity of symptoms and transmission. Given the huge number of cases we’re seeing at the moment we would definitely recommend vaccinating your dog, especially if they are in one of the more high risk groups. Please do get in contact with us if you have any questions on 01686 668234